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Storke Tower

Canon Elan IIe, EF 28-105 USM, Kodak Royal Gold 100
Taken Thursday, 16 Apr 1998
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Storke Tower


One night a bunch of us in the dorms were bored so we were wandering around the campus. When we came across Storke Tower and found that it was unlocked after hours, I ran back to my room to grab my camera to capture the view. The windows were high, narrow and dirty, so this is about the only angle I could get without any obstructions, and still be able to see through the viewfinder. It was actually quite dark, so exposed the film for several minutes and managed to catch some leftover light from the sunset. If anyone cares, the well lit building in the foreground is the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, and the lights in the background are from the college town of Isla Vista, where (sadly), I currently reside.


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