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Mercedes Vision SLR

Canon Elan IIe, EF 28-105 USM, Kodak Royal Gold 400
Taken Saturday, 15 Jan 2000
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Mercedes Vision SLR


The SLR concepts are undoubtedly super sophisticated, and their formula one roots aren't all that hidden. DaimlerChrysler and its Formula One Partner, McLaren Cars Ltd., have joined forces to build this car at the new TAG McLaren facilities in Woking, England. Such traditional 1950's elements as the elongated bonnet and the characteristic gull-wing doors harmonise with the modern design of today's Formula 1 Silver Arrow. Mercedes-Benz is premiering systems and components such as the electronically controlled Sensortronic Brake System, headlamps with cornering function and ceramic brake discs. A 557 hp V8 engine makes for brisk acceleration, providing a top speed of 320 kph for the Vision SLR roadster [coupe pictured].


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