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Creating digital images from photographic stills is one of the most exciting as well as novel concepts there is in this ever changing field. While simply taking photographs is rewarding, revamping them into digital art can be much more interesting and difficult because the final presentation must allow the viewer to believe in it even though it is fiction.

The process begins by selecting an interesting place to photograph and then creating that photo so that it lends itself to become something even better. This first part is harder than taking photos of interesting places since you must visualize a final product that will be very different than the original photo. I have formed partnerships with graphic designers like Daniel Manahan to accomplish this goal and together we used programs such as Bryce3D, PhotoShop, and Kai's Power Tools. This process can sometimes take several months to get the result that we are looking for.

"Most good digital graphics do not need an explanation since they alone should provide the audience with a story".

Click on a thumbnail image below to see the larger photograph. These images are not for order at this time.

Lake Powell Slot Canyon,  Utah
"Portal through Kolob "
Reflections of Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona
"The Vortex"
Blue Mood over Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona
"Chromatic Gate"
Rock Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierras, California
Castle Rock, Lake Powell, Utah
Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park, California
"The Monopod"
Valley of Fire, Nevada
Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Park, Utah
Red Canyon, Utah
"The Magnifyer"