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We met in January 2003 through Match.com and we have been together ever since. Kimberly knew Steven’s freshman year roommate; she swears we met briefly in 1997, when she came by to see his roomate and Steve answered the door.

We were married at 4:15, on September 11 2004, on the lawn outside the UCSB faculty Club, and went on a cruise in Tahiti for our honeymoon.

Kimberly graduated from UCSB in 2003 with a BA in Philosophy, and currently is an unemployed CPA. She has competed in triathlons and nearly completed the Arizona Ironman and is a member of the Santa Barbara Tri Club.

Steven graduated from UCSB in 2001 with a BS in Computer Science and is now a “Lead Programmer” for a medium size company in Santa Barbara. He loves to ride his bike all over town and is frequently spotted in all kinds of randon locations. He races for the Platinum Performance Team.

Together we own a house in northern “Noleata” (the area between the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta and hope to have kids sometime in the next several years.

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