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May 24, 06:13 PM by Steve | Training 5/17-5/23

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This week was somewhat aimless, with the cancellation of the Santa Barbara Criterium. So instead I did the lake ride on Saturday and went out to watch the Tour of California when they went through Thousand Oaks, Westlake, and Mulholland Highway in the spectacular Santa Monica mountains.

Total: 17.3 hrs, 319 miles, 869 TSS, 11,137kJ

Mon: Day Off

Tue: Goleta/University Loop

Wed: Mariposa Reina and back, Nite Moves
Relatively still but foggy conditions. Stayed in my power zone for most of the ride, but spiked a few times, especially when approaching onramps/offramps and on the narrow bridge on the way back.

Thu: Solvang Loop
Ever painful 30-30s on the 101 on the way back. Otherwise nice ride with a slight tailwind from Gaviota.

Fri: Refugio and back.
Another easy day out on the freeway, but it was crazy windy, especially between El Capitan Ranch Rd and Refugio. Mostly crosswinds and very gusty, felt like I was almost blown into traffic a few times.

Sat: Lake Casitas Loop
I was running a little late in the morning (hmm, theme?) and had to rush to the start. Of course it didn’t start on time anyway… Easy roll out through Summerland and the pace picked up on the 192, and didn’t let up much all the way to Casitas. Short regroup at the top before continuing around. Most of the group stopped at the Lake but Aaron, Kim and I softpedaled until the group caught up shortly after. Fast pace on PCH and 101 into the headwinds...

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May 18, 05:24 PM by Steve | Training 4/12-5/16

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Coming off of a big week culminating in the Mulholland Challenge, I was pretty fried. Apparently a TSB of -36 on Sunday, explaining why I was so tired that day… not that it wasn’t obvious anyway. I got behind on my training logs, and these training update articles fell by the wayside. I did still write down snippets of information between Bikeforums, Garmin Connect, Youtube, Vimeo, and a tiny bit in WKO, and I was finally able to assemble all of this into something at least partially coherent.

It feels like my form is starting to come back around, and with it my motivation to think and talk about my training. I’m sure most people won’t care about all this babble, but I’ve found I like to have it all in one place for my own sanity if nothing else.

Week ending 4/18: 17.3 hrs, 329 miles, 923 TSS, 11,328kJ
Week ending 4/25: 11.8 hrs, 221 miles, 574 TSS, 7,668kJ
Week ending 5/2: 11.8 hrs, 211 miles, 596 TSS, 7,745kJ
Week ending 5/9: 20.2 hrs, 345 miles, 950 TSS, 13,200kJ
Week ending 5/16: 21.75 hrs, 372 miles, 1,127 TSS, 14,254kJ

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Apr 11, 10:25 PM by Steve | Training 4/5-4/11

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This was a hard week, with big days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with Mulholland Challenge. I dug a nice big hole and now will take two off/easy days to recover and hit it hard again on Wedesday and Thursday.

Total: 19 hrs, 338 miles, 1,111 TSS, 12,601kJ

Mon: Day off

Tue: 2 hrs easy w/6x sprints

Wed: 3 hrs threshold climbing repeats + crit practice
Repeats = fail. I cracked. Hard. Crit practice was good though, it was a bigger group than last week and easier. I attacked a few times again but for the most part I sat in for some speedwork, and to get some videos with my new helmet camera.

Thu: 1 hr easy + 2 hr evening ride
We had a bigger group in the evening this week, with Max and Jen Jo joining us. We did the full route and I tried to not go to hard on the climbs (per my training plan) as john and Bill were attacking each other up Las Canoas. I almost got Bill at the San Ysidro sprint, and didn’t go for the San Leandro sprint, leading Bill and John out instead.

Fri: 1 hr recovery

Sat: 7 hrs Mulholland Challenge
Started with “Ben FR” from Bikeforums at 7:30. Had some hangers-on for the first hour or so until we shook them off up Old Topanga, and never saw them again. We caught and passed (nearly?) everyone on the ride who started before us, but a few from the 8AM fast group passed us...

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Apr 4, 10:04 PM by Steve | Training 3/29-4/4

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The theme of this week was the rest I should have gotten last week, and the Wildflower training weekend with Kim. Kim is so great, she comes to my bike races and gets up early, takes pictures, and generally helps me out. And she doesn’t complain. Much. She asked me to come with her up to Lake San Antonio for the tri club’s weekend of camping and training at the course of the Wildflower triathlon, so how could I say no?

The idea was that I would join them for riding the course on Saturday. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into because I’ve ridden with some very strong triathletes. But for the most part the tri and roadie worlds don’t mix together much, so I was just going to have to wait and see. Friday night we were all around the campfire talking about the ride and they were joking that they were looking forward to me pulling them around the lake. I laughed, but really I was thinking it was going to be the other way around.

It is interesting to note that to a roadie, “race pace” means go as hard as you can until your legs fall off or you puke, but to a triathlete “race pace” means go as hard as you can without making your legs tired because you have to get off and run. This of course meant that as soon as we started the group was blown apart on the...

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Mar 29, 04:32 PM by Steve | Training 3/22-3/28

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I failed at resting. I was pretty wiped after San Dimas, with a very elevated resting HR, and various other signals. Fortunately I had mostly recovery and endurance/tempo for the week. No intervals. I was feeling back to normal near the end of the week, but unfortunately I decided on Friday to go off the reservation and do Ben’s birthday double century ride. Now I’m completely destroyed and will need a few days to recover.

Contrary to rumors floating around, I did not do worlds on Sunday. I rode out at a very easy pace, took a video of their sprint, then rode back to the Coffee shop with the group.

Total: 22.25 hrs, 411 miles, 947 TSS, 13,503kJ

Mon: 1 hr Recovery

Tue: 1.5 hrs Refugio and back

Wed: 2.5 hrs Mariposa Reina

Thu: 2.5 hrs Mariposa Reina

Fri: 1 hr super-easy

Sat: 11.75 hrs County Ride

Sun: 2 hrs easy cruise to the Polo Fields, then back with the group


Mar 21, 06:06 PM by Steve | Training 3/15-3/21

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The theme of this week is San Dimas. I was pretty wiped from Solvang last weekend and spent most of the week riding easy. I had a lackluster TT that left me disappointed, but made up for it by surviving the road race and hanging in the crit. It’s an interesting course and I was excited to do it this year even though I hate crits. Last year I didn’t make the time cut in the road race so I was happy just to be able to do it.

Next week is a rest week. I need it.

Total: 13 hrs, 251 miles, 717 TSS, 8,261kJ

Mon: 1 hr Goleta/University Loop

Tue: 2 hrs Refugio & Back

Wed: 2.5 hrs OSM repeats + intervals on 154
After hearing that riders were going on OSM during the last week without issues, I decided to do my workout on OSM. As expected, nobody was there and work was being done at the time, although machinery was set up. I got a 10 minute power record on one of my ascents, then subsequently blew up the next time, although still within my target, just barely. The following intervals on the 154 were painful, as always.

Thu: 2 hrs Refugio & Back

Fri: 1.5 hrs warmup + San Dimas TT on GMR
It was hot, I didn’t drink enough, didn’t warmup up well, and went out too hard. Couldn’t sustain the power I needed although my HR was sky-high, and flubbed the TT. 16:58, worse...

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Mar 14, 04:10 PM by Steve | Training 3/8-3/14

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The theme this week was masochism, or hurting myself for fun. That’s why we do all this, right? For fun? Some uber painful intervals, 100 mile hammerfest (Solvang Century), and killing it at Sunday Worlds. We were all talking about Solvang on Sunday morning, and a few guys were talking about the easier rides they did. I said that sometimes you just have to flog yourself to know what you are capable of.

The Solvang Century hammerfest was that flogging, but it “was a good kind of hurt.” I’m glad I did it, I’m glad I lasted a slong as I did, and I got a lot of compliments about how strong I am riding. Next year I’m using race wheels like Marco. San Dimas, here I come.

Total: 17.6 hrs, 337 miles, 1,050 TSS, 11,877kJ

Mon: 1 hr Goleta/University Loop

Tue: 2 hrs Refugio & Back

Wed: 3 hrs w/5x Farren repeats
My favorite climb (OSM) is closed for the next month and a half unless I get up really early, and I didn’t, so I had to go somewhere else. That somewhere else ended up being Farren, another climb that I haven’t done in ages, and now I remember why. It sucks. It’s not even remotely steady, the pavement is crap, it has huge dips and tons of traffic considering it doesn’t actually go anywhere. I did the first interval way too hard, the second too easy, but finally got the last 3 where I wanted them despite all the...

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Mar 7, 10:11 PM by Steve | Training 3/1-3/7

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This week was fun. High intensity, good volume, a bunch of rain and a 75 min crit in there somewhere. I did two hard group rides, two hard threshold and sprint interval workouts, AND I hit my highest 60 minute NP since last August. Hopefully I won’t get sick next week.

The crit was fun, it was nice having such a huge Platinum presence at the race. Of course we got some flak for having 1/3 the field and only managing second, but hey, that’s not my department. I was happy just to hang in for the whole race, through the rain, and managed to do a little bit to help with team tactics. I don’t know how much I helped in the end, but I was near the pointy end of the crit, my teammates asked me to do something, and I was able to do it. That’s a success in my book.

Signs have been pointing to an underestimated FTP for a while now, and the workouts and rides this week convinved me to bump it up a little bit. Also, I made a cool little graph of my power distribution for the week. The colors correspond to the [new] zones.

Total: 18.3 hrs, 332 miles, 1,030 TSS, 11,308kJ

Mon: 1 hr Recovery Ride
After work, I rode out to Kim’s office in Carpinteria to pick up our other that we had left there when we drove out to Nevada.

Tue: 2 hrs Refugio & Back

Wed: 2.5 hrs w/OSM...

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Feb 28, 11:28 AM by Steve | Training 2/22-2/28

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The theme of this week was the Callville Bay Classic stage race, and living on houseboats on lake Mead for 4 days (3 nights). It was fun and it would be really cool to have a bigger Platinum presence there next year.

The season is still early and I didn’t go into this race with high expectations, but was hoping for some redemption from the triple DNF two weeks prior. I put in a solid top-half TT time, with more power than I was targeting, so happy there. Finished the road race with the lead group, so happy there too, and survived the crit. Happy x3. Next week is Mothballs II, aka the Island View crit in the P123 category. Otherwise it’s just a whack of training until San Dimas.

Total: 12.25 hrs, 228 miles, 668 TSS, 6,934kJ

Mon: 1 hr Goleta/University Loop

Tue: 1.5 hrs Refugio & Back

Wed: 2 hrs w/OSM repeats

Thu: 1 hr Goleta/University Loop with openers

Fri: 3 hrs easy + 10 min Callville Bay Classic TT
Warmed up before TT with Randy, Gene and Derek with some tempo up the TT climb, then easy pace and chatting 9 miles out on the RR course and back. After the TT spun around easy for an hour then rode around in circles waiting for everyone else to finish their TTs. Did 10:45, 307W average (4.7W/kg), for 27th out of 56.

Sat: 2.5 hrs Callville Bay Classic RR
Weather forecast looked ominous leading up to this race, and minutes before we went off...

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Feb 21, 03:48 PM by Steve | Training 2/15-2/21

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I’m too wiped to think of a theme for the week. Did a bunch of threshold with a mid-week workout and the Figueroa TT. Got some good intensity at Worlds, and was sick again. This time with food poisoning. I’m pretty sure it was from some undercooked fish but not positive. I was out shopping Thursday and suddenly felt terrible, I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. A few hours later I barfed my brains out and felt much better.

Next week is the Callville Classic stage race in Nevada. It looks like it may rain on Saturday. Should be fun.

Total: 16 hrs, 280 miles, 851 TSS, 9,722kJ

Mon: 1.5 hrs Dinuba Crit + Warmup
After the crash on Sunday and getting caught behind another crash 15 min into the crit, I just wasn’t in the right headspace and pulled out about halfway through. Nearly half the field (the strong half) had attacked right before the crash and was way up the road by the time I caught back on. I didn’t see the point in continuing, so I didn’t.

Tue: 1 hr recovery
Goleta/University Loop

Wed: 2 hrs easy
Refugio & Back

Thu: 2.5 hrs w/threshold
OSM repeats

Fri: 2 hrs easy w/tempo
Refugio & Back

Sat: 4 hrs Figueroa Mountain TT + Warmup & Home
Did 59:15 for the 9.3 mile, 3500 ft climb, 253W average. 160W Normalized, because there are a lot of dips where it’s hard to keep a good rhythm. I followed the TT up with a...

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