Kim is a CPA, crafter, and triathlete, currently training for no race in particular. Steve is a software engineer, photographer, and cyclist on the Platinum Performance Cycling Team. We live in paradise a.k.a. Santa Barbara. Read More



Marco off the Mark. A guy who likes to hang out with family and friends, pedal his bike, dig in the dirt, and live life healthily and happily.

The Young and Restless. 22 year old kid who loves to ride his bike.

Happenings in SoCal. Ass-kicker extraordinaire...

On The B Team. The Chicken Ranch aka B Team's site for local cycling information and trash talk.

Pedal More. Overweight Underpowered Nor-Cal Pack Fodder.

George's Epic Adventures. Ultra Cyclist and father who recently completed 2- Person Race Across America (RAAM) and Furnace Creek 508 Fixed Gear.

Suffer-O-Rama. Eric’s blog about cycling and bike racing

Riders Ready. Jamie Smith's blog devoted to roadies, road cycling, and his book, Roadie: The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer. Go buy it NOW at!

Think Fast. Quarq

Old Guy Racer. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll write bad cheques.

Wheels Rolling. Brandy

Sprinter della Casa. Carpe Diem Racing

My Shaved Legs. The fine art of failure. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

To Be Honest With You. Thirty something and searching for my next obsession.

The Tour de Chris. This blog is all about Chris. Fueled by espresso and metal.

The Incidental Cyclist. Cycling in and around Union County, NC

Everest Challenge x2. My wife and I have committed to enter the [Everest Challenge] Tandem division this year. This blog will chronicle our preperation, and ultimately our race experience.

Cycling in Seattle. The ride is the destination

As the Crank Turns. I attmept to ride bicycles...often

Delusions of an Amateur bicycle racer . The announcers butcher his name, but he's used to that


Platinum. The Platinum Performance Cycling Team is a Santa Barbara based team with a diverse group of talented riders.

Echelon. Echelon Santa Barbara is a road bicycling club based in Santa Barbara, California. Echelon welcomes dedicated new riders and experienced racers, men and women, old or young, and all those who want to expand their cycling horizons. With a history our History in Santa Barbara bike racing since 1984, we are a USCF registered club.

Bikeforums Road Cycling. Road cycling internet message board. Discuss equipment, rides, races, and all cycling-related discussions.

SCNCA. Southern California Nevada Cycling Association

NCNCA. Northern California Nevada Cycling Association

BiciCORSA. An online group for cyclists of all levels--from recreational riders to weekend warriors to aspiring and professional racers.

Yehuda Moon. Yehuda Moon works at the Kickstand Cyclery, lives on his bicycle, and dreams of a day when everyone does likewise.

Everest Challenge. The hardest two-day USCF race. With the spirit of the "Death Rides" and the dramatic scenery of the Eastern Sierra, this bicycle race and ride will test your perseverance going uphill. We have three climbs each day with gains of 2,600 feet to 6,200 feet.


The Restaurant Guy. John Dickson's Food News

Santa Barbara Independent. Delivers fresh news, arts, and entertainment news and information online all day, every day. The weekly newspaper is published every Thursday morning, with Santa Barbara county's largest circulation of 40,000.

Edhat. One subscriber suggested that the name came from "Every Day Happenings Around Town".

Vita Bella Photography. Local journalistic-style wedding photography


Adam Szary. Freelance illustrator who is strongly interested in fantasy and comic art.

Virtual Dub. Proof that Avery had too much free time in college...

Helmet Camera Central.

Liō. Daily comic strip created by Mark Tatulli that focuses on the adventures of a strange little boy named Liō. Most of the story is told visually, with little or no dialogue.

whilshire|one. this site covers topics including web standards-based development, web application development, Textpattern and other miscellany

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Sep 9, 08:02 AM by Steve | Pier to Peak Pictures

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May 10, 11:28 PM by Steve | What is the opposite of evacuated?

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Click here for answer


May 8, 01:30 PM by Steve | Evacuated Redux

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Mar 23, 08:22 AM by Steve | Thirty

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Happy birthday to me


Dec 16, 12:06 PM by Steve | 150 Square Feet of Hardwood Floor

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Kim and I finally got most of the rest of our hardwood flooring installed over the weekend.

Click for More Pictures...


Nov 20, 11:32 AM by Steve | Mountain Drive Tea Fire Pictures

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Nov 18, 04:25 PM by Steve | More Tea Fire Pictures

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Nov 16, 08:34 PM by Steve | Tea Fire Pictures

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Nov 14, 08:07 PM by Steve | Harvest

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Look Marco, I can grow stuff too! They may be small but they are pretty good for growing on my windowsill in my office :)

These tomatos are from the plant I started growing back in January


Nov 5, 10:25 PM by Kimberly | How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Part II

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As the election season closes, I think back on the article I wrote awhile ago about people having such certainty that their views are the right way, that they need to insult people who hold a different view.

If you want to lose freinds and alienate people this election season, show your intolerance for other views by either implying or saying outright that Republicans (or McCain supporters, this will work either way) are stupid/ unreasonable/ ignorant/ [insert derogative term here]. No matter that political leaning is as emotionally based as religion. You’d certainly lose freinds and alienate people if you walked around saying that all people that believe that Jesus is the son of God are stupid/ unreasonable/ ignorant/ [insert derogative term here], and it will work just as well for political leaning. Next time you’re talking to somebody whose world views you are not 100% certain of, think about this before you insult what could be theirs.

The jury is still out on how people behaved.


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