Kim is a CPA, crafter, and triathlete, currently training for no race in particular. Steve is a software engineer, photographer, and cyclist on the Platinum Performance Cycling Team. We live in paradise a.k.a. Santa Barbara. Read More



Marco off the Mark. A guy who likes to hang out with family and friends, pedal his bike, dig in the dirt, and live life healthily and happily.

The Young and Restless. 22 year old kid who loves to ride his bike.

Happenings in SoCal. Ass-kicker extraordinaire...

On The B Team. The Chicken Ranch aka B Team's site for local cycling information and trash talk.

Pedal More. Overweight Underpowered Nor-Cal Pack Fodder.

George's Epic Adventures. Ultra Cyclist and father who recently completed 2- Person Race Across America (RAAM) and Furnace Creek 508 Fixed Gear.

Suffer-O-Rama. Eric’s blog about cycling and bike racing

Riders Ready. Jamie Smith's blog devoted to roadies, road cycling, and his book, Roadie: The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer. Go buy it NOW at!

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Old Guy Racer. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll write bad cheques.

Wheels Rolling. Brandy

Sprinter della Casa. Carpe Diem Racing

My Shaved Legs. The fine art of failure. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

To Be Honest With You. Thirty something and searching for my next obsession.

The Tour de Chris. This blog is all about Chris. Fueled by espresso and metal.

The Incidental Cyclist. Cycling in and around Union County, NC

Everest Challenge x2. My wife and I have committed to enter the [Everest Challenge] Tandem division this year. This blog will chronicle our preperation, and ultimately our race experience.

Cycling in Seattle. The ride is the destination

As the Crank Turns. I attmept to ride bicycles...often

Delusions of an Amateur bicycle racer . The announcers butcher his name, but he's used to that


Platinum. The Platinum Performance Cycling Team is a Santa Barbara based team with a diverse group of talented riders.

Echelon. Echelon Santa Barbara is a road bicycling club based in Santa Barbara, California. Echelon welcomes dedicated new riders and experienced racers, men and women, old or young, and all those who want to expand their cycling horizons. With a history our History in Santa Barbara bike racing since 1984, we are a USCF registered club.

Bikeforums Road Cycling. Road cycling internet message board. Discuss equipment, rides, races, and all cycling-related discussions.

SCNCA. Southern California Nevada Cycling Association

NCNCA. Northern California Nevada Cycling Association

BiciCORSA. An online group for cyclists of all levels--from recreational riders to weekend warriors to aspiring and professional racers.

Yehuda Moon. Yehuda Moon works at the Kickstand Cyclery, lives on his bicycle, and dreams of a day when everyone does likewise.

Everest Challenge. The hardest two-day USCF race. With the spirit of the "Death Rides" and the dramatic scenery of the Eastern Sierra, this bicycle race and ride will test your perseverance going uphill. We have three climbs each day with gains of 2,600 feet to 6,200 feet.


The Restaurant Guy. John Dickson's Food News

Santa Barbara Independent. Delivers fresh news, arts, and entertainment news and information online all day, every day. The weekly newspaper is published every Thursday morning, with Santa Barbara county's largest circulation of 40,000.

Edhat. One subscriber suggested that the name came from "Every Day Happenings Around Town".

Vita Bella Photography. Local journalistic-style wedding photography


Adam Szary. Freelance illustrator who is strongly interested in fantasy and comic art.

Virtual Dub. Proof that Avery had too much free time in college...

Helmet Camera Central.

Liō. Daily comic strip created by Mark Tatulli that focuses on the adventures of a strange little boy named Liō. Most of the story is told visually, with little or no dialogue.

whilshire|one. this site covers topics including web standards-based development, web application development, Textpattern and other miscellany

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Thank you, your article helped me.

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Thanks a lot, that saved a lot of hustle. My tcx-file was corrupt after the 705 went to off suddenly.

duncan burns (Fixing Corrupted Garmin TCX Files)

Hi mate my 705 stores history in a DAT file.. so can’t be read.. any help appreciated

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Jun 19, 09:47 PM by Kimberly | A Cake Walk

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I was shopping at Vons today, and heard an announcement over the loudspeaker: “It’s almost that time again. We’ve placed numbers around the store at eye level. Find one, and when we call out the number, the person by it wins a free bakery item.” I couldn’t find any number, as I was looking at the shelves in the frozen section while shopping. They call out number seven. Then a bakery worker comes down the aisle towards me with a cake. I still didn’t see the number, while frantically looking around for it. Then another shopper walks up. The bakery worker asked if I was waiting for the cake. I said “yes, but…” The other shopper was disappointed. I then finally spotted the number, on the door, not on the shelves! I said the other shopper could have it, but then he said I could have it. We got into a reverse fight over it. I then said we could split it. The bakery worker took it over to cut it, but decided to give each of us a whole cake instead! Now Steve and I have this whole big chocolate cake and only us to eat it!


Mar 4, 11:14 PM by Steve | Homemade Pizza

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Nov 27, 11:39 PM by Steve | Thanksushi

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I had an idea a few days ago that I would make some “thanksgiving sushi”, where I would use all of the traditional thanksgiving foods as filling in a sushi-style wrap instead of the usual seaweed, fish & rice. I picked up some soy wrap yesterday and sat at the table at dinner and made my wrap while my curious family looked on. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and green beans. The finished product seemed to be popular and it was eaten up fast. After it was gone I made another wrap with rice some rice added for good measure.

Click for More Pictures...


Nov 15, 09:19 PM by Steve | More Sushi

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Nov 14, 08:07 PM by Steve | Harvest

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Look Marco, I can grow stuff too! They may be small but they are pretty good for growing on my windowsill in my office :)

These tomatos are from the plant I started growing back in January


Nov 8, 06:30 PM by Steve | Sushi Redux

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I made sushi again this afternoon, after my 100 mile ride around Lake Casitas. This time I used proper Nori sheets and prepared rice with rice vinegar. I think I used a little too much vinegar, but otherwise they are very good.


Oct 27, 01:52 PM by Steve | Food Crime: First Degree Attempted Sushi

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I got something at Gelson’s a while back that claimed to be sushi wraps, with the rice and the seaweed sheets, just add filling. I had also gotten a sushi “kit” at Borders that included the little mat, plates, chopsticks, and a book, but none of the food. I was in Gelson’s again last night, and had just picked up some prepared sushi, when I saw some nori sheets and it reminded me about making my own with the kit. I was about to pick them up but figured I should use the stuff I already had first. It turns out that the sheets were litty itty bitty things that you were supposed to make individual bite-sized wraps out of, instead of one big roll that you cut. so I tried to put a bunch together but it didn’t hold very well. I wish I had taken a picture, but I ate it for lunch…


Mar 5, 10:17 PM by Kimberly | Happy Carbs

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I’ve had a pretty bad migraine for the last few days. It started on Saturday at Baker to Death Valley while Steve was finishing. It wasn’t very hot, but it was very dry. I think I didn’t drink enough water, bright sun, travel, fatigue, hormones, etc., and the stars were all aligned correctly to produce a migraine. I started to feel pretty bad on the drive back to Baker, but we stopped at a cafe in Shoshone and got Gardenburgers, and I felt a lot better after that.

I felt ok Sunday, but I started to feel bad again Monday morning. I got some new injections for my headaches, so I tried it out, and it worked quite well. It works by increasing serotonin levels, which is believed to either cause or otherwise be strongly related to migraines. I took it again last night after it came back with a vengance. I read my book in bed while the meds kicked in. Steve was sleeping, and woke up about an hour and a half after I took the meds. He asked how I was doing, and I enthusiastically said ‘Great!’

My migraine started to come back again this afternoon, so I picked up my perscription and hung out at Steve’s office while it kicked in. My stomach was still not feeling too good, and I told Steve I needed some carbs for my stomach. He said we had plenty of carbs at home, and I said we didn’t have...

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Feb 5, 12:53 AM by Kimberly | The Steve Diet

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The Steve diet has been working pretty well for me. I’ve lost a lot of the weight I put on after I had my tumor out & I started getting bad migraines. (Not necessarily related, but who really knows.) I stopped exercising and ate a lot of crap food to appease my migraine stomach. (Did you know that the gut has brain tissue of it’s own?)

I’m taking meds to help prevent migraines, but I still get them pretty bad. I’m still not ‘race-ready’ as I haven’t been on the bike for weeks. So I didn’t do Mothballs. But I think I’ll do Cantua Creek when I go out with Steve.


Jul 12, 10:16 AM by Steve | I Expect You To Blog About This

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I ran into Dr. Kim on campus during my ride into work this morning. Almost literally—I was nearly squeezed into her as I approached by another cyclist coming from the other direction. I was on pace for a PR or I would have slowed down to chat. Its hard to go very fast through the campus with all the other slow riders, tight corners and broken pavement, and she was still with me at the road crossing out of campus. I pushed really hard for the last leg on the path from Goleta Beach, keeping my speed around 22-23mph the entire way (about 2 miles). I finished the 14 mile course with a road bike PR of 39:19 (21.5mph), over 40 seconds faster than my previous PR of 40:01 (21.1mph), and only 20 seconds slower than my TT bike PR of 38:57 (21.7mph).

As I was catching my breath and getting ready to carry my bike up to my office, Dr. Kim came up the bike path and asked if I got it. We talked for a few minutes before taking off to do repeats on OSM. “I expect you to blog about this” she said as she left…

I got a similar comment from Steve Nelson after Monday’s time trial. This was the month that coincides with Semana Nautica, and the time trial was both part of that series and the normal DMI monday night series. But for Semana Nautica, they gave age group...

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