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May 25, 07:55 PM by Kimberly | I Passed!

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I finally got word this weekend that I passed the final section of the CPA Exam. Now it’s just paperwork to get my license!


Feb 21, 05:18 PM by Kimberly | One More Left...

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I took the Auditing section again on February 6th. I put in a bit more studying- somewhere aroung 15 hours, spread out over a few days. Now I’ve passed 3 of the 4 sections. Need I say I absolutely hate studying? I have ADD tendencies, and do stuff like edit this post instead of study…

I take the last section, Regulation, on Tuesday. I haven’t really studied taxes much before, I haven’t done taxes at work, and Steve does our taxes with TurboTax, so I have pretty much zero experience. I found an audiobook from Wiley with the tagline “Listen Today – Remeber When it Counts.” I learn well from lectures, so hopefully listening to the mp3 will help me pass, and I will remember the stuff on Tuesday.

There is only just a little bit of pressure to pass this final section. Hopefully I’ll pass and be done with this. It won’t be fun needing to take the test again in April. I have the Ironman to train for, and only 4 months left. I don’t need the stress.


Dec 19, 07:48 PM by Kimberly | The Results Are In....

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The results are finally posted for my CPA exam scores. I passed Business Environment and Concepts, and Financial Accounting and Reporting! Woohoo!! I didn’t pass Auditing or Regulation. But these were the sections I put the least amount of studying into (um, just a few hours each), and with a bit more studying, those are mine!

The pass rates for the tests for the first 9 months of this year are between 48.20% and 50.83% for each individual section. I’m quite pleased with my results. Now there are only 2 sections I need to put some more studying into- much better than waiting until January to take the tests for the first time and spending all the time until the test studying for all 4!


Nov 20, 10:51 PM by Kimberly | Four Down ? to go...

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I took the fourth section of the CPA exam today. This section was the hardest for me. It covered business law and individual income taxes. I was looking at the study material, and I saw ‘perfecting a security interest’. Huh? I knew my chances of passing were slim after that. After some studying over the last few days, it’s possible I knew just enough to pass. I’m not going to hold my breath though. But I’m also not going to study more until I get my scores next month. :p


Nov 13, 06:05 PM by Kimberly | Three Down, One to Go

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I took the third of the four CPA test sections today – Financial Accounting and Reporting. I would not be terribly upset if I need to take this section again, as it includes governmental and non-profit accounting, two topics I have never studied. These and other topics on the test are included in the ‘Advanced Accounting’ class at UCSB Extension, which I didn’t take. I took seven of the nine classes in the series offered at UCSB Extension. I would have taken all nine, except that for Spring Quarter this year, neither of the two I hadn’t taken were offered, so I opted to take online classes at UCLA Extension to complete the 36 units requirement (Forensic Accounting & Financial Reporting & Analysis). If I had waited to take the series classes through UCSB, I wouldn’t have been able to take the CPA test until next April.

The other class I didn’t take was Individual Income Taxes. And the last test is… Taxes (Regulation). Unfortunately, we can’t use Turbo Tax for the test, so I’ll have to fit a whole class in over this weekend. Fun.


Nov 6, 06:16 PM by Kimberly | Two Down, Two to Go

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Another CPA Exam section completed. This one was significantly longer, at four and a half hours. I’m not nearly as confident in my success on this section, Auditing. I couldn’t do nearly as much studying as I would have liked. (How about just 5 hours total since my Auditing class 6 months ago!?) I’ve never done a financial statement audit, so I’m at a distinct disadvantage against those test takers that work at a CPA firm and have gone out on audits. I understand all the concepts, but it’s not the same thing as hands on experience. I wouldn’t be suprised if I need to take this section again, but I hope against hope that I passed. I really wish I had scheduled this test more than 2 days after my last one, but I put in a lot more overtime last week than I thought I would need to, and didn’t even start studying until after the half marathon on Saturday. I tried to reschedule to later this month, but they were booked solid. Oops. Next up, Financial Accounting and Reporting. I’ll have a whole week to study for this one, so I hope to do much better.

I can’t believe that some people spend hours each night studying for MONTHS! For just one of the four sections! I was sooo worried about how hard the test was going to be. But after taking two test, I have the feeling that if I put in maybe...

Read More


Nov 5, 12:59 AM by Kimberly | One Down, Three to Go

Posted in

I took my first of the four sections of the CPA Exam on Tuesday, Business Environment & Concepts (managerial accounting & economics). I think it went well, but I have no idea what percentage I need to pass. On Thursday, I take the next section, Auditing. I expect that one to be harder. Next week it’s Financial Accounting & Reporting, harder still, and what I expect to be the toughest, Regulation (includes taxes, which I haven’t studied much).

I’m going insane with all the studying- I feel like I’m back in college. I would love to pass all four sections this month, but I’m not expecting that. (Low pass rate & all that.) But I hope I pass at least one! I hate having to wait until December to find out. But until then, I have the possibility of passing it all and not having to go through this again to keep the studying up. (And it would be quite a coup if I passed it all on the first try, given my previous level of dedication to my studies).


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