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Thanks to diglloyd for posting information about the new route and ‘rules’. I’ve cut up my data from last year to illustrate the new route. Ideally I’d splice it all back together but that sounds like more work than just riding it. So here it is:

Note: You must be a strava member to be able to see the subsegment links I’ve created. Sorry.

The first climb, formerly the last, is the long slog South Lake. The steep ramps at the end were a major bitch and having it near the beginning with fresher legs may be a nice change. Also, in the past there is always a “neutral” start, and I suspect that will be the first 3 miles from Mill Pond to the Ed Powers/168 intersection.

At South Lake (I wonder if we will go all the way to the upper parking lot like the finish?) we turn around and head back down the narrow and steep road to the lodge place, and then the relatively mellow rolling descent and the little kicker back to the 168. Last year, of course, it wasn’t timed. It was always one I was glad wasn’t timed, the top is kind of sketchy, and the rest is on a highway and always windy. Although I’m thinking earlier in the day it may not be as bad.

I don’t have the segment from Ed Powers Road back to Mill Pond (the start) because the last few years I went straight back to Bishop
on the 168, but we will reverse the earlier 3 mile section from mill pond to the 168.

From Mill Pond, we head out to Round Valley for the second climb. This was part of the neutral section prior years, so the speed and effort are somewhat lower than they will probably be in the race.

Up and down Pine Creek is unchanged. It was and still is the second climb; what changes is the approach. We will have to make a left turn through that intersection coming AND going whereas last year we went though with right-turns all three times through. I suspect they will be anal about us coming to a COMPLETE stopping as well.

Finally we leave Round Valley and head out to and up Rock Creek. I suspect we will turn left on Round Valley Road and approach from that way (reversing the usual route to Pine Creek) instead continuing down Pine Creek Road, but I’m really not sure of the exact route. Either way it’s a few miles of gradual downhill and then false flat until the real climbing starts in Paradise.

It’s about 3.7 miles from Paradise to the extremely lame “neutralized” section of Lower Rock Creek from Swall Meadows to the 395 in Mono County

It’s supposed to be single-file, NO PASSING, and it’s going to be bottled up by slow tourists for the people actuallly racing. A new email (update #7) from the race director also implies there will be a 25mph speed limit which will make things even worse for the .7 mile descent.

I put all of this into Excel and turned the crank a few times, and it spit out 6.5 hours for ~88 miles assuming I did all of the same times as last year (which, for reference, took me 7 hours for 101 miles)

Also I wonder if the race director is taking into account the ~500 feet of total elevation gain we won’t get by not returning down Rock Creek to Mill Pond. I know several years ago we had to change the route due roads closed by snow, and the [different] RD tacked on some annoyingly crappy extra bit to the second climb on the second day to make up for it.

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