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I get a lot of question about my videos, so I thought I would write one answer in a central location that hopefully everyone can see. I use a ContourHD (the older 720 model) video camera mounted under my stem with zip ties.

The camera takes micro SD cards, which are tiny, about the size of a fingernail. I got two 16GB cards for $50 each, and 30fps at 720p takes about 1GB per half hour. That means I could fit about 8 hours on a card, except that the battery only lasts about 3.

Once shot, I process the videos through DashWare to add the gauges and doodads. Initially everything was car-centric so I had to make my own gauges and data importer for my Garmin Edge 705 TCX files. I would love to take credit for the idea but I was inspired by “SteelerHoo” on bikeforums.net (dpouncy on youtube). Eventually they added a built-in importer for TCX files and integrated my gauges, so now the process is much easier. The hardest part is synchronizing the video and data. If you have a newer Edge, you will probably have to go through some more steps for now.

You can see all my videos on YouTube, but here is an example. One of my newer videos from Christmas in the Santa Monica Mountains, on the renowned “Rock Store” descent.

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