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More helmet camera videos, this time from Sunday Worlds.

Polo Fields Sprint: The last 6 minutes of the Santa Barbara leading up to the Polo Fields sprint. My legs were trashed from Mulholland Challenge yesterday but I felt well enough near the end to start moving up, but I didn’t want to work myself all the way up into contention for the sprint. Sommersby was on my wheel and she said later “I kept waiting for you to go and you never did.” Sorry Sommersby, I’ll owe you one. More videos after the jump.

Highway 192: About 8 minutes of the 192 on the way out, to just before the turn onto “goob”. Note the attack and the split in the group. It sprinkled on us a bit at the start of the ride and there ended up being a water spot on the video so unfortunately you can’t see much but you can kind of get the idea.

Ben gets yelled at #1:Greg pushed and yelled at Ben when Ben started to drift over on him. The audio in the clip is not clear but I think he said something like “That’s your wheel to stay on”

Ben gets yelled at #2:Cruising back into town, Ben sat up to take a bite or do something, and drifted back into me. That’s me telling him not to slow down, and you can hear Doug in the background to “stop riding like a moron”

Is this on?:As we rolled into Peet’s at the end of the ride, Sommersby wanted to know if I was still recording. The light can be kind of hard to see so I took it off to check. Just being a little silly and having some fun with it.

Cruise through Summerland: Usually a conversational cruise back into town a few people were pushing the pace for some unknown reason. Through Summerland and over the Ortega bypass bike path, this video ends with Greg slipping at a painted line on the wet pavement. You can see it happen as I come around the corner and a group of riders starts coming the other way. Look for a small white dot on the left side.

  1. What software do you use to show your power, speed, etc. in the top right?

    Bryan at Apr 12, 04:16 PM

  2. Got it…DashWare. Saw your earlier post.

    Bryan at Apr 12, 04:37 PM

  3. loved your gauges. well done. i have Dashware also, but i find it useless. waste of money, all it does is crash on me – usually when trying to make a custom gauge or import my video feed. Not trying to sound like a leech, but it would be massivly greatfull if you could send me your gauge file and edge 305 profile ( or shed some more info on how you turn your tcx file into a csv. usually i have to import it into access and then copy to excell. pain in the butt

    JC at May 6, 07:41 PM

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