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The videos from last night’s crit practice are slowly uploading to Vimeo. I don’t have any sophisticated video editing software yet, so I am uploading the whole thing. To spare everyone wading through an hour long video, I broke it into 4 parts. Power and speed recorded with Quarq and Garmin Edge 705, displayed with DashWare.


Warmup laps before crit practice. It was supposed to be a somewhat organized 2×2 paceline but it kind of devolved, especially when more riders started to show up who weren’t “briefed” about what was going on at the beginning.

Part 1, Laps 0-14

First batch of laps of crit practice after warmup, starting from when we first saw the lap cards. Coming around the end of that lap I was moving up to attack when Ken started moving up too, so I hopped on his wheel and he launched me. I attacked again on lap 9, with a 900W jump, but quickly blew up.

Part 2, Laps 15-24

This clip starts with me nearly getting taken out after the first corner. It wasn’t really that close because I saw it developing, but you really had to be on guard with so many different skill levels present.

Part 3, Laps 15-24

Things heated up near the end. Ken attacked and got a good gap but was eventually pulled back. Coming into the sprint I was close to the front but not close enough. Watch for Ken to shoot up the side and weave through the group to front. I don’t think he beat Ben to the line but he carried a lot of speed and was still really moving when he got to the corner.

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