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The theme of this week was work getting in the way. Makes me realize how lucky I am to generally have a flexible schedule that allows me to take long rides in the morning. Throw in some meetings, places to be at certain times, cusomters to meet and parties/functions to go to, and it can be hard to squeeze in a 3 hour ride!

Also with the races this weekend there was a slight easing off of intensity during the week. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it tapering since I don’t really care about these races and am just training through them… but no VO2s, more long endurance and a pinch of tempo. Towards the end of the week I did some 10 second sprints and a little bit of time near threshold. Not enough to make me tired, but enough to get everything opened up.

The races themselves went well, much better than I expected. I don’t really feel that my fitness is where it was at this time last year, so I am pleasantly surprised.

Note for the power geeks: the power graphs from this week’s races are displayed with smoothing at 1 minute, rather than the 5 or 10 seconds I usually use. They are pretty much impossible to see what’s going on otherwise as power is so variable during the race, unlike intervals during training.

Total: 13 hrs, 275 miles, 725 TSS, 8,157kJ

Mon: 1 hr easy recovery
Goleta/University Loop to home. Drove into work due to work function in the evening downtown.

Tue: Day off

Wed: 2 hrs easy recovery ride under 180 watts.
Swapped rest day with Tuesday due to rain and early morning meeting. Went out to Refugio and back on the Tricross in pleasant weather.

Thu: 2.5 hrs easy 2/2×10 tempo and 4×10s sprints
I didn’t have enough time in the morning or evening to do the full 2-3 hours scheduled because of an all-day meeting downtown, so for better or worse I split it in two. Did roughly an hour in the morning with one of the tempo intervals along Cathedral Oaks. After I got home I showered, stuffed the bike in the car and drove downtown to the meeting.

I got out of the meeting a little after 4, changed and got on the road as soon as possible. Around Montecito I realized I forgot my lights but figured I could get an hour and a half or so before dark and continued anyway. I started my tempo interval past Montecito, right after the last stop sign on Jameson and finished by the polo fields approaching carp. I passed by Carol just as I was finishing and looped back around to chat with her until Carp proper, where I split off and headed over to the 192 to do the sprints. My form is a bit rusty and I was in completely the wrong gear for the first one. The fourth one was downhill and I found that my 11 was skipping so that threw me off a bit. I decided to call a mulligan on that and did a fifth a little further up the road on a slight incline so I could use lower gears. I cruised back to the hotel where I was parked and enjoyed the spectuacular sunset, making it back well before it was too dark.

Fri: 2 hrs easy w/12 minutes climbing near threshold & 8 minutes high cadence tempo
Rode easy easybound on Cathedral Oaks out to 154 and started threshold interval on the onramp. It was difficult to maintain power on/immediately after the dip about 6 minutes in but ramped back up and finished strong in the end. Continued the rest of the way to OSM at an easy pace and decended back to Cathedral Oaks, westbound. Did tempo interval from Fairview to partyway up Glen Annie, then continued up Glen Annie at an easy pace. Finished by riding around Goleta to work.

Sat: 3 hrs Poor college Kids Road Race Cat 3 + Cooldown [see power graph]
Poor College Kids road race. Finished 18th of around 60. This was a low priority race, just training through it, so it was cool to do ok. There was a break that was nearly caught at the line but just finished ahead of the field sprint, which Lettieri took the by a good margin I’m told. I was in good position a few wheels back and advancing on the right side at 41mph (and accelerating) when some yahoo came off the front on the left side and swerved across the road in front of us, basically killing all the momentum and any chance I had. I could have salvaged a few more places but I didn’t see the point.

I stuck around for the results, then rode out to Los Olivos to grab a sandwich. Panino had a line around the block so I went down the street to the quiet little Corner House Coffee. Had a smoothie there, got a sandwich to go, and rode back to the finish over Foxen. I had to ride on the course a bit and was constantly looking back for races coming.

Sun: 3 hrs Mothballs Criterium Cat 3/P123 + Warmmup & Cooldown

Cat 3, 54 minutes, 214AP/242NP, 26.9mph [see power graph]
Didn’t really do much. Pulled a few laps, helped chase down a break, went to the front when a teammate was in a break, but just generally sat in and pack surfed. I was way too far back at the end, didn’t really sprint, got 30th. I had 5 hours until the next race so I changed and rode out to get some lunch.

P123, 73 minutes, 212AP/226NP, 28.2mph [see power graph]
Note how much less variability. I’ve only ever done one P123 race before and I was dropped less than half an hour in. My lofty goal was finishing with the pack. I felt pretty good, had no trouble staying mid pack (or moving back up to mid-pack if I noticed I had slipped back). Best part of the race was towing Derek up to the front. Second best was hearing that Adrian was in a break that was clearly succeeding (and later finding out he got 5th). Winning from the break was Hilton Clarke. Justin Williams and Rahsaan Bahati and Cody O’Reilly got first and second and fourth in the field sprint for 6th. The icing on my cake was that despite (or because of) pulling the fred move of sprinting Chester for a distant placing, I got the last spot on the results sheet. 47th. I’ll take it ;)

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