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I took the third of the four CPA test sections today – Financial Accounting and Reporting. I would not be terribly upset if I need to take this section again, as it includes governmental and non-profit accounting, two topics I have never studied. These and other topics on the test are included in the ‘Advanced Accounting’ class at UCSB Extension, which I didn’t take. I took seven of the nine classes in the series offered at UCSB Extension. I would have taken all nine, except that for Spring Quarter this year, neither of the two I hadn’t taken were offered, so I opted to take online classes at UCLA Extension to complete the 36 units requirement (Forensic Accounting & Financial Reporting & Analysis). If I had waited to take the series classes through UCSB, I wouldn’t have been able to take the CPA test until next April.

The other class I didn’t take was Individual Income Taxes. And the last test is… Taxes (Regulation). Unfortunately, we can’t use Turbo Tax for the test, so I’ll have to fit a whole class in over this weekend. Fun.

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