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Another CPA Exam section completed. This one was significantly longer, at four and a half hours. I’m not nearly as confident in my success on this section, Auditing. I couldn’t do nearly as much studying as I would have liked. (How about just 5 hours total since my Auditing class 6 months ago!?) I’ve never done a financial statement audit, so I’m at a distinct disadvantage against those test takers that work at a CPA firm and have gone out on audits. I understand all the concepts, but it’s not the same thing as hands on experience. I wouldn’t be suprised if I need to take this section again, but I hope against hope that I passed. I really wish I had scheduled this test more than 2 days after my last one, but I put in a lot more overtime last week than I thought I would need to, and didn’t even start studying until after the half marathon on Saturday. I tried to reschedule to later this month, but they were booked solid. Oops. Next up, Financial Accounting and Reporting. I’ll have a whole week to study for this one, so I hope to do much better.

I can’t believe that some people spend hours each night studying for MONTHS! For just one of the four sections! I was sooo worried about how hard the test was going to be. But after taking two test, I have the feeling that if I put in maybe a week more studying on both, I could get them pretty much all correct. While I don’t know what percentage I need, I know it can’t be 100%.

If I don’t pass any of the sections, I will put my foot in my mouth and hope nobody realizes my scores should be in, and doesn’t ask until I pass the tests on the second try.

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